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committee update 15/06/14 8:19AM AEST (Tim M, Jan B, Jan M, Eric C, Laurie G, Karen B & Al O& Tammy. If you want to become a member get a hold of any of the committee members or join facebook….. lastly if you can’t find anyone still contact the


Dear 1984 classmates,

Hello fellow EPC Grads from 1984;
30 Year
July 18-19th, 2014

Jewell’s Ball park

Camping is available to all and use of facilities (bathrooms)

Friday night drinks at Athabasca Inn are CANCELLED::::Friday the 18th Athabasca Inn for a few drinks and then head back down to the park for a camp fire and talk about the old days.

We will not be going to the Athabasca Inn on Friday as they wanted $250 fee for us to drink there as a group….

WTF Athabasca Inn? #badAthabascaInn, #smallbusinessstupidity

Instead we will head  to Jewell’s Ball park where Eric, Al and Tim will be producing a fire (BYO event) apparently DJ Eric will spin some good tunes to listen to whilst you catchup with old friends watching the big bonfire!!



Saturday we are still looking for something to do as a group, so if you have any group ideas? Shout them out loud.
Saturday night we are having a dinner between 6-7pm.
A short ceremony is planned for around 8pm.
Dance to follow.
This event is BYOB.
We would like to do a group photo before the dinner.
The meal is as follows:
Ribs and chicken breast
plates, knives, forks, spoons, and table clothes
Price per person is $50 for the use of the facility, meal, gratuity and GST
Sunday we will clean up, leave it better than we found it and part ways again for another 5 years.
Photographer is booked. We just need you grad people to register so we can give the caterers  the heads up as to how many people are coming and their ages.
Looking forward to seeing you all this summer!

Please Register Here!

Once yo you have registered  here is the acct info needed to make your deposits for Sat night dinner.

The acct is with the Servus Credit Union and if you go into the branch the info needed is: 899 32429 8416620 please put in the comment spot your name so we know it’s yours.

If you are doing it by computer the info is: 899 32429 667820347391

Ok once you have put the money into the account; let the committee know to help keep track of who have paid and who hasn’t paid, Happy Depositing!

The committee are having another mtg in June! soon and would like to hear if you have ideas or would like to come along.

The FB group

Please comment if you have a better idea or want to join the committee!


11 thoughts on “Reunion Plan

  1. How can it possibly be 30 years? I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. Thanks for organizing this reunion and thanks for setting up this website for the folks without Facebook. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
    Jenny Scott

  2. Waiting for the ten questions. Yes the number of campers is correct. Appreciate all your efforts. See you then. All chicks must back comb their hair. All guys must wear 3/4 shirts.

  3. Interesting to see how many are wearing glasses, sunscreen on their full heads and anxious to show off pictures of their Grand kids. All good signs of graceful aging. A few more of these and we’ll need to book the party room at the home and have someone wheel us down for supper and a quick game of bingo before lights out at 9:00 am.

  4. I am looking forward to the event. I can’t make it Friday… my daughter is turning sweet 16 on that day. Thanks to the organizers for making this happen. Not sure anyone will want to see me in a 3/4 shirt. LOL

  5. We tracked Pat Coli down and gave him the website info so hopefully he will register, but he isn’t certain he can make it so said not to include him in the Saturday night dinner numbers.

    Can’t wait to see everyone!

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